Our mission is to amplify womxn’s voices by exploring the infinite ways they interact with food, and tell stories that challenge the idea that food is unimportant  work until there are profits or fame to be had. 


We aim to examine the various intersections of food and feminism and to celebrate women and their ability to nourish themselves, their families, their community and one another. We hope that Femidish will serve as the table around which a diverse and supportive community may gather.

Meet the Hosts

Hey, I'm Hope! --- My love of food started at a young age; I am the descendant of dairy farmers and spent many days lending a hand on farms in rural Massachusetts as a teenager. I hold a certificate of Culinary Arts from the Franklin County Technical School in Turners Falls, MA and started my career behind the line when I was just 15 years old. During the many years I worked in kitchens my love of food and my love for all of the hands that touch it before it lands on a dinner plate, grew. I graduated from Empire State College in 2020 with a B.A. in Food Systems, Policy, and Social Change. As an active participant of the Occupy Wall Street movement, I firmly believe that direct action is the best way to generate positive social change. Currently, I volunteer with the Portland Food Council as the Vice Chairperson of the executive board. My desire to support women and elevate feminist issues really blossomed during the time I spent working as a Doula and Midwifery assistant.  Once I became a mother myself, my determination to create a better tomorrow intensified. I am a writer whose current work explores the importance of story telling in fostering social change; it is this interest in stories which inspired me to create Femidish, the ultimate platform to explore food and feminism through the stories of womxn. 

Hello! My name is Sandy – I am a woman, an eater, and a Mainer. I work in food systems as a planner and teacher. I hold an M.A. in Policy, Planning and Management from the University of Southern Maine, where I also teach in the Food Studies Program. I currently work for county government on a range of projects supporting cities and towns, and just recently worked for 7 years developing statewide food system goals and creating networks of people and organizations to develop projects meeting those goals. I am inspired to be a part of Femidish to learn and elevate stories about how womxn relate to food, as I find a special kind of creativity and empowerment in cooking for myself and others. Beyond eating, food is an important way humans understand each other. We can become closer, and more separated, from ourselves and one another by food and foodways, and I am energized to explore this idea through feminism and uniquely female experiences. 


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