What's in a name?

Updated: Feb 11

Femidish is a portmanteau, or a term created by fusing two existing words. It was created by our founder Hope by combing ‘feminist’ and ‘dish’.

Feminist is defined as someone who supports feminism or the idea that womxn deserve political, economic, and social equality.

Dish is more complex, simultaneously acting as a term to describe a container which may hold food, in its verb form referring to the physical act of placing food on a plate before serving, it can also be used to describe food itself, like when we ask for “the dish of the day”. It can be used as a somewhat dated way to refer to a thing a person particularly enjoys or does well, and it can be used to describe a physically attractive person, “They’re quite a dish!”. Finally, “to dish” with your friends means to share information, often of a scandalous nature.

Femidish is all of these things, a community of feminists seeking to share information about womxn and food, although how scandalous that info will be we are yet to find out!

The Femidish logo means a lot to us. We knew we wanted something bold and geometric and representative of our values, but all of the details seemed so hard to articulate.

Many of you are likely familiar with the biblical take about Eve, the forbidden fruit and the knowledge she acquired from eating it. The story goes that after eating the forbidden fruit (which could have been anything from a fig to a grape but it is an apple that has become an iconic symbol), Eve becomes self aware and possesses the knowledge of good and evil. She then shares this with Adam when she shares the fruit with him.

Despite the stories' religious origins, the idea of sharing learned knowledge with others, especially when that sharing involves food, seemed appropriate as a representation of what we intend to do; freely exchange knowledge with others.

The hands are purple for many reasons, the least of which is because it is the favorite color of both our hosts, and central to a somewhat impactful psychedelic experience had by @hopefromhopestreet as a teenager. Purple is commonly associated with royalty and power but also with creativity, wisdom, dignity, and magic.

Color theory notes that the physical effects of gazing upon purple are simultaneously calming and stimulating putting us in the right frame of mind for introspection. It fosters creativity and promotes quiet necessary to make intuitive and insightful observations.

Purple is the result of mixing red and blue, the two primary colors traditionally used to represent female and male genders respectively. The blending of these colors can produce infinite shades of purple leaving each individual to define their perfect blend of masculine and feminine qualities through a purple expression.

We’d like to take a minute to thank the wonderful artist for creating our logo and for her patience with us as we went back and forth and quite literally, all around, trying to find the right imagery to represent Femidish. Lauren is a printmaker and illustrator based in Maine whose work focuses on the natural world and food systems. To see more of her work go to



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